History of Grant County CattleWomen
By Patti Jess Goodwin

    The Grant County CattleWomen began as Grant County CowBelles at an organiztional meeting on February 3, 1960. The organizational committee of Betty Clink, Wanda Hansen, Peggy Elder and extension agent Jessie Jackson met at the Elk's Lodge in Moses Lake during the Cattlemen's Association Annual Meeting. Jessie es instrumental in the organization of the group, drawing up the Constitution in the By-laws.
    During the first few years these ranchwives met four times a year. The first officers were: President - Betty clink. Vice President - Grace Lewis; Secretary - Wanda Hansen and Treasurer - Marge Kriete.
    Plans to have a fair booth at the Grant County Fairgrounds was conceived in early 1961 with participation beginning in August of that year. We stop doing the fair booth in 1997. We started a sawhorse cow contest in 2000. The rules are, you must to start with a sawhorse of any size resemble a cow when finished. First  $50.00, Second $35.00, third $20.00 and $10.00 for any entries that doesn't place First, second, third. they will receive $10.00.
  The Grant County CattleWomen do promotional BBQ's for businesses and groups, as well as, doing dinners for Cattlemen/CattleWomen functions. their two biggest projects were the fair booth during the Grant County Fair and the annual dinner and dance they helped the Cattlemen's with. The dance is the third Saturday  of January of each year.
Scholarships: Two $500.00 scholarship are award to a Grant county high school senior who will pursue an agriculture related education.
  Mother's & Fathers; We draw names from the membership of the Cattlemen / CattleWomen they each get a $50.00 certificate to a local restaurant .
  Ag. Week activities are extensive with the variety of things being done from year to year.
  Conventions, Region V Conferences, Mid - Year meetings and WCA meetings attended, as well as, other local, state and national meetings. Demonstrations ans Ag-in-the-classroom education is on-going with good member participation.
  Grant County CowBelles/Cattlewomen began with 20 members. The most at anyone time was 46. Today the group has a membership of 27.
  Dues in 1960 were $2.00, while today they are $20.00. that is for County State, National are $50.00 which is optional.

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